Samhwa Printing is committed in protecting our planet’s environmental health. To do so, we are continuously introducing the latest technology to make our factor more eco-friendly.

Paper Recycling

Samhwa Printing uses vacuumed pipes on the ceiling to collect paper trimmings throughout the factory. As they are gathered, the paper trimmings are sent to a paper recycling company.

Soy-based Ink

Soy-based ink is made from soybeans. It produces very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), producing less air pollution and reducing health hazards. It is easy to separate from paper, which makes it good for recycling paper. Moreover, it produces brighter and sharper images compared to petroleum-based ink.

Ice Storage Cooling System

Ice Storage Cooling System uses a chiller to make ice during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper. The next day the ice is melted to use for cooling needs during peak periods.
By introducing the Ice Storage Cooling System, Samhwa Tower has obtained the Green Building Certification Criteria (GBCC) from the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Low NOx Boiler (Late 2019)

Low-NOx boiler has a high effect of reducing nitrogen oxides, an air pollutant, and is said to protect the environment by reducing 14% of the air pollutants compared to conventional boilers. In addition, it reuses the heat of high temperature and thus reduces heating costs as an energy-efficient boiler.