Healthy Company, Healthy Employee

In order to have a healthy business, we need a healthy workforce. All the menus are coordinated by an on-site nutritionist to ensure a daily offering of healthy fresh foods.
We offer national pension, employment insurance, and industrial insurance. Moreover, we perform a yearly health checkup for all employees.

Happy Family, Happy Employee

Since we regard our employees like family, their family members are also important to us. Not only do we send financial support for family events (such as marriage, funeral, etc.) we provide a variety of scholarships and vacations as well.

Satisfied Work Place, Satisfied Employee

Rest areas are located on each floor for employees to enjoy their free time. Vending machines and water fountains are installed inside for employees to use. Every year we have department wide picnics for team building.
As for training, we offer all sorts of job training, in-house training, health and safety training, etc. We also provide field trips to related industries for our employees to gain more job knowledge. For example, paper mills, ink companies, container yards, ports, etc.

Safe Work Place, Safe Employee

At Samhwa, we have an on-site Health Care Office where employees can get health related help. We also have emergency showers and eye washes located in the factory for emergency use.